May/23/2024: Dr. Amer will be giving an invited talk during Future of Semiconductors Forum

Dr. Amer's talk entitled "Advanced Packaging Strategies of CMOS+2D technologies for low power high performance Artificial Intelligence Technologies" will be delivered during Future of Semiconductors Forum held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on June/6/2024. 

April/23/2024: Congratulations to the team for publishing β-TeO2 .

In this work, layer thinning of exfoliated Tellurene nanosheets is investigated. Along with Te thinning, β-TeO2, an emerging 2D semiconductor oxide, is investigated and the optical emission is reported for the first time. The findings show evidence of large exciton binding energy in layered  β-TeO2 nanosheets. 

Feb/15/2024: 3 talks have been accepted to 2024 APS March meeting. Congratulations to the team! 

Our DSRL members will be presenting 3 different talks at 2024 APS March meeting. These talks are:

1- Demonstrating High Performance, Ultra-Low Power with High Photoresponsivity of Van der Waals Transistors for Back-End-of-Line Machine Vision Applications.

2- Development of 2D Semiconductor Oxide Based on β-TeO2 with Room Temperature Broad Photoluminescence.

3- Homogeneous and Continuous Liquid Exfoliated Van der Waals MoS2 and WSe2 Thin Films 

Congratulations to the team! 

Jan/30/2024: Dr. Amer received King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) highest prestigious award, the scientific career in research excellence award .

Dr. Amer has been awarded KACST scientific career in research excellence award for his contribution to research in nanoscience and nanotechnology

Dec/20/2023: Leaping Beyond Silicon Technologies Workshop

Join us on our workshop for technologies beyond silicon technologies. Our workshop will discuss enabling future artificial intelligence and precision medicine via prototyping 

June/22/2023: Dr. Amer receives KACST president leadership program plaque.

Dr. Amer received PLP program plaque offered by KACST Academy 32 for the completion of the program's inception stages. 

March/3/2023: Our paper on Inkjet-Printed MoS2 has been published in ACS applied nano materials.

In collaboration with our USC team, we present a reliable method to fabricate transistors and sensors based 2D materials (MoS2) using printing technology. More information can be found here.

Feb/20/2023: Future of Semiconductors Forum 

We are delighted to host Future of Semiconductor Forum on May 15-18, 2023 in King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. We hope to see you there. For registration, please click here

Feb/3/2023: Our work featured in LEAP and Innovate technology conference.

We are excited that our work in 2D materials and devices for optoelectronic applications has been featured in LEAP and Innovate technology conference. This work highlights how non-conventional optoelectronic devices can be manufactured with cost-effective methods.

Aug/8/2022: Introducing our DSRL Trainees in CEGN.

We are delighted to announce that 4 trainees will be joining us beginning of August/2022. They will be working on advanced 2D electronics and 2D material characterization for device applications

June/15/2022: Dr. Amer will give an invited talk at 2022 SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering meeting.

Dr. Amer's talk entitled " Room temperature resonant tunneling behavior observed in layered GeS/BP transistors " will take place on August 24, 2022 at SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering meeting.

April/19/2022: Center of Excellence for Green Nanotechnologies is awarded $3 Million for solid-state devices and advanced sensor research.

The center of excellence for green nanotechnologies has been awarded a $3 million dollar from KACST to conduct advanced device studies and sensing research for applications in wearables and healthcare.  

March/31/2022: Congratulations to our team member Ghadeer Aljalham for receiving the Best Poster Award.

Our team member Ghadeer Aljalham has received the best poster award for her work on "Thickness Control of Exfoliated Tellurene Through O2 Thermal Annealing" in Future of Semiconductor Forum. Congratulations Ghadeer! 

March/28/2022: Our work entitled " Highly sensitive, scalable, and rapid SARS-CoV-2 biosensor based on In2O3 nanoribbon transistors and phosphatase" has been published in Nano Research journal.

The work encompasses Indium Oxide Nanoribbons for the detection of COVID-19 rapidly and with high accuracy compared to current commercially available rapid tests. You can read more about it here.

Jan/14/2022: Our proposal entitled "Tellurene-Based Van der Waals Heterojunctions for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications " has been accepted by Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT).

Our proposed work on investigating Tellurene materials for device applications has been accepted at Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies. Our group will conduct fundamtneral research at the atomic level in collaboration with CINT technical staff members. 

December/02/2021: Our work entitled "van der Waals Doping and Room Temperature Resonant Tunneling Observed in Black Phosphorus/Germanium Sulfide Transistors" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials

This work highlights the first room temperature resonant tunneling behavior observed in Van der Waals materials. For more information click here.

October/10/2021: Our work on 2D-Thin films and Contact modulation of 2D Transistors have been accepted at IEEE NMDC 2021.

Our work entitled "Low-Cost, Homogeneous, and Continuous Thin Film of 2D Semiconductors: Towards Large Scale Electronic and Photonic Devices" and "Contact Modulation Using Pulsed Thermal Annealing in 2-Dimensional Semiconductors" have been accepted in IEEE NMDC 2021. Join us on December to hear more about this work. 

October/8/2021: Join us in the 7th NANO Boston Conference held in Boston, USA to learn more about our work.

Our work on "New and Emerging Van der Waals Semiconductors for Electronic and Photonic Applications (invited)" and "Universal Nanoscale Thermoelectric Power Generator for Energy Harvesting Applications" will be presented in the 7th NANO Boston Conference. Join our talks in these times.  

August/18/2021: Watch our member Ghadeer Aljalham present her work on Tellurene fabrication and processing.

Our member Ghadeer is working on Tellurene, a newly discovered 2D material, that exhibit extraordinary properties, suffers from fabrication processes. Her talk entitled " Observation of Layer Thinning in Exfoliated Tellurene via Oxygen Annealing: Towards Few Layers Tellurene".

August/09/2021: Check our talk in 2021 MRS Fall Meeting 

Our recent group work entitle "Unlocking the Potentials of Emerging Two-Dimensional Materials for Electronic and Optoelectronic Device" will be presented in 2021 MRS Fall Meeting. Do not miss it!

April/02/2021: Our summer trainee Arwa Kareem has been accepted to University of California, Berkeley. Congratulations!

Arwa Kareem has been part of the a summer program in 2019 for gifted students. She has worked on thermoelectric system design for energy generation device. She just got accepted to UC Berkeley for the Fall of 2021. Congratulations to her!

August/03/2020: Dr. Amer has been appointed the new executive director of incubators and accelerators program (Badir).

Dr. Amer has been appointed the new executive director of incubators and accelerators program (Badir) under the innovation and commercialization program. Badir supports the establishment and growth of pilot and start-up projects through its strategic incubators and accelerators. The program supports young, high-tech entrepreneurs through business opportunities. More information can be found here. 

July/27/2020: Our group members presenting in IEEE NANO 2020 virtual meeting.

Join our group members in presenting their work on "Universal Thermoelectric Power Generator Device for Low Dimensional Materials: Towards Efficient Thermoelectric Power Generators" by F. Alamri et al. on July/30/2020 at 16:55, session ThOBO3, and "Integration of Layered Black Phosphorus with Germanium Sulfide Field-Effect Transistor" by Abrar et al. on July/30/2020 at 18:35 session ThOCO2.  

July/23/2020: Our paper entitled "Room Temperature Wideband Tunable Photoluminescence of Pulsed Thermally Annealed Layered Black Phosphorus" has been published in Nanophotonics

In this work, we demonstrate a wideband tunable photoluminescence out of treated layered black phosphorus, with a bandwidth in the order of 100nm. 

June/26/2020: Our PCT patent entitled "Method of Creating Scalable Broadband and Tunable Light Emitter at The Nanoscale Using Layered Black Phosphorus " has been published.

The patent describes a new method that can be used to produce tunable photoluminescence with bandwidth larger than 100nm. For more information please visit patent information.

May/25/2020: Dr. Amer and his colleagues are part of S20 summit - circular economy task force coordination team

The S20 is an engagement group part of G20 Summit. S20 focuses on proposing and recommending scientifically driven policies in different themes. This year's theme is Foresight: Science for Navigating Critical Transitions. Under this theme, there are 4 sub-themes which includes future of health, circular economy, digital revolution, and connecting the dots. Under the task force leader, Dr. Amer along with his colleagues are part of the coordination team for circular economy sub-theme. Read more about circular economy here.  

May/15/2020: Dr. Amer will be serving as guest editor for Materials journal.

Dr. Amer will be serving as a guest editor for the special issue entitled " Emerging Technologies in Nanodevices and Energy Generation Applications" that will be published in Materials. 

In this Special Issue, emerging nanodevices using novel nanomaterials and their corresponding energy applications are discussed. This includes novel transistor structures, photonic nanodevices, emerging and optimized solar cells, innovative sensors at the nanoscale, emerging nanomaterial synthesis techniques, nanomaterial characterizations, nanodevice simulations and optimizations, and integrated nanodevices and systems. 

Deadline for submission is 15 June 2021. For more information, please visit this link

April/22/2020: Our group has been approved COVID-19 biosensor research for rapid point-of-care diagnosis.   

In light of the global pandemic caused by novel coronavirus (COVID-19), our research group has been awarded COVID-19 biosensor grant. The project aims to create a highly sensitive biosensor that can detect COVID-19 virus in infected patients in a short time period. For more information, click here.

March/4/2020: Our paper entitled "Anomalous Conductivity Switch Observed in Treated Hafnium Diselenide Transistors" has been published in Advanced Electronic Materials

The paper investigates the electron transport of laser irradiated Hafnium Diselenide transistors. We show a conductivity switch after HfSe2 is laser irradiated. Read more about the work here.

Feb/17/2020: Congratulations to our high school students for winning in ibdaa contest

Congratulations to Arwa and Maria for winning in Ibdaa contest. Arwa and Maria have been working on themroelectric system to harvest energy from dust storms, and laser treated 2D material as a technique to modify electronic properties, respectively. Arwa won 4 different awards from 4 different companies, a milestone that has never been achieved before in Ibdaa contest history. Maria has won 2 special awards from Taibah University and another from ASM materials education foundation. Congrats to both girls! 

January/1/2020: Our researcher Abrar Alhazmi's abstract entitled " Electron Transport of Germanium Sulfide Field- Effect Transistor Using Layered Black Phosphorus" has been accepted in APS march meeting 2020

Sep/23/2019: Congratulations to Abdullah Alrasheed for joining UCLA as graduate student

Our research has been accepted in the graduate program of Material Science at UCLA. Congratulations! 

June/24/2019 Third workshop of Center of Excellence for Green Nanotechnologies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The center of excellence for green nanotechnologies at KACST will be organizing its third installment on the latest research updates with the focus of nanotechnology for environmentally efficient sensors and devices. 

April/8/2019 Impact case study highlighting our collaborative work in glucose biosensor

The case study was published here.

March/8/2019: Welcome to our recent researcher Olaiyan Alolaiyan for joining our team

March/6/2019: Catch our researcher Sarah Alodan presenting our work in APS 2018 

The talk title is "Controlled and Tunable Light Emission of Heat Treated Black Phosphorus: Towards Tunable Optoelectronic Devices," For more information, click here.

Jan/8/2019: Welcome to our researcher Shahad Albawardi for joining our team

October/14/2018: Catch our researcher Malak Albogami presenting our work in 2018 IEEE 13th Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC)

The paper entitled "Deterministic Oxidation of Hafnium Diselenide Field-Effect-Transistors." For more information, click here.

October/14/2018: Catch our researcher Abrar Alhazmi presenting our work in 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO)

The poster entitled "Electron Transport Performance of Germanium Selenide and Germanium Sulfide Field-Effect-Transistors in Dual Gates Configuration." For more information, click here.